The Beast Lover - We define ourselves as eco-friendly and, hence, we are committed to the sustainability of our Planet. What do these popular tags actually mean? Our work is guided by vegan ethical premises so we do not use real animal leather in our designs. We are constantly searching for new eco-materials to integrate them into our creations. We are extremely careful with the environment. Stepping away from the logic of the lowest and most competitive price, we strive to offer you a perfect final product that at the same time helps preserve the environment. 

The Beast Lover design team joined forces with a group of artisans and together, from the beginning, we have set ourselves the challenge of merging years of artisan experience by experimenting with innovative Bio-Vegetable materials produced with the use of solar energy. we also declined de use of products that are harmful for the environment and decided to to use eco-friendly materials such as recycled fabrics, water based glue and materials produced under a CO2 emission control. Likewise the more intricate inside parts of our hard structured handbags are made of materials such as coffee leaves, cornhusks, recycled paper and sunflower seed shells and all our metal trimmings are nickel free.

For our printed linings we use recover thread made of recycled plastic recovered from oceans and polyester. In lines with this philosophy and our aim to boost the local production, our packaging and the finishings of our handbags are made of paper, cotton and embroideries produced by local companies. We want our work to clearly mark our will to take care of the Planet and convey this philosophy to our clients. We encourage you to join The Beast Lover Community to protect and love all the beasts, living equally on our Planet.