If you have clicked on this section, it means you want to know more about us. Our journey began not so long ago, when a group of friends, all of us, in our 40’s, gathered together and talked about the things we cared for and about our priorities in life. We came to the point where we had to be realistic and understand that there were no great scientists among us, neither philosophers nor amazing superheroes. We were just a bunch of fashionistas that had one thing in common! We cared about beauty, and if beauty had to be, beauty had to be preserved, taken care of and bestowed and therefore we joined forces and created The Beast Lover Team.

After a year of investigation experimenting with sustainable materials we established our factory in Alicante, Spain where we work with local expert artisans to ensure the quality of each of our bags.

The Beast Lover is a brand for Beasts who love Beasts where all Beasts are seen as equals. Hence, our products are not made of leather or any other animal-based material. All of them are Vegan and Peta Cruelty Free certified.

We define ourselves as eco-friendly, which is the reason why we are committed to using linings only made out of recycled plastic bottles recovered from the sea and recover thread.

Therefore, we are in constant search for new materials and production processes that are Eco-friendly. To ensure our small contribution towards preserving our Planet through our work. 

Furthermore, we promote a work structure based on ethical quality that does not only imply what we believe but how we decide to act every day. Establishing equitable relationships with our suppliers, far from the logic of the lowest price and seeking to offer our customers the best and most natural product. Furthermore, we support the national production and, thus, our factory is based in Alicante, Spain. Local artisan experts are involved in the production process to ensure the quality of the final product.

We also like our clients to be involved in this process of constant improvement, so we invite you to give your opinion at any time on any aspect related to our work.